Dr. Derek Gragson



Physical Chemistry


B.S. Chemistry, Physics Minor - CSU Hayward - 1991
M.S. Chemistry - University of Oregon - 1995
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry - University of Oregon - 1997

Office: Baker Center - Building 180 - 306B

Phone: (805) 756-7154

E-Mail: dgragson@calpoly.edu


Research Interests

  • Polymer adsorption at solid/liquid and liquid/liquid interfaces
    a) kinetic studies using second harmonic generation, ATR-FTIR, and interfacial tensiometry
    b) equilibrium measurements using interfacial tensiometry and AFM
  • Protein adsorption at liquid/liquid interfaces in the presence of interfacial polymeric films
    a) effects of pH, ionic strength, and surface charge density on the adsorption of simple proteins to interfaces with polymeric films present
  • Adsorption of polysoaps to liquid/liquid, liquid/air, and liquid/solid interfaces
  • Development of p-chem experiments that explore interfacial phenomena
Derek Gragson