Dr. Nanine VanDraanen



Organic Chemistry


B.S. Chemistry - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo -1985
Ph.D. Organic Chemistry -University of California, Berkeley - 1992

Office: Baker Center - Bldg 180 - 205A

Phone: (805) 756-5658

E-Mail: nvandraa@calpoly.edu

Research Interests

  • Synthetic Organic and Medicinal Chemistry; Pedagogical Methods in Organic Chemistry
  • Synthetic methodology directed at asymmetric pyrrolidine formation through cyclization of chiral ene-amines.  
  • Preparation of allicin analogues and their interaction with NO, and their roles in blood pressure regulation and migraine.  
  • Lipophilic acetates as transdermal cyclooxygenase inhibitors as anti-inflammatory agents for burn treatment.
  • Development of novel labs for organic chemistry, with a focus on asymmetric and green syntheses.  
  • "Barrel of Oil" approach to Chem 312, Survey of Organic Chemistry.


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